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added 12-10-2020
The ISM is very sorry to report the death of Geoff Brown on October 10th 2020.
He will be sorrowly missed in the Meccano fraternity.
Philip Webb, Chairman of the ISM dedicated a special page on the website of North Midlands Meccano Guild. 

Message from Philip Webb, chairman of the ISM.

Covid is a global issue, and the ISM would love to know how clubs, societies and individuals are responding to its challenges where you are.
Our thoughts have often turned to you as reports of virus-problems have reached us from your country.
No doubt you have been watching the ever-changing news from us, too!
So, if you have stories or pictures, do send them to me or to Kees Trommel (our website manager).
Perhaps by 5th September we may even be able to post a virtual global exhibition of our own!

Read the reports so far received here

added 27-09-2020
The Coda Museum  in the Dutch Town of Apeldoorn features an exposition about "Avid Collectors".
(Perhaps "Passionnate Collectors" is a better English translation)
Collectors of all sorts (Dinkey Toys, Star War figures, Leggo, Happy Meals etc. etc. AND Meccano) show highlights of their collection.
Photo's of the Meccano models on show see links below.

Winner of the 2019 Michael Adler Founder's Prize is Steve Briancourt (UK) with the USS Missouri 

added 18-09-2020
In spite of alle the covid hassle the Henley Society of Meccano Engineers in Henley-on-Thames managed to organize their meeting on 05-09-2020. Richard Payn made the photo's that can be viewed here 

In 2016 Georg Eiermann of The German Friends of the Metall Construction Sets (Freundeskreis Metallbaukasten) started issueing a quarterly (German) Magazine that can be downloaded here for free. 

Since December 2018 John Burke and his son Johny from Australia, publishes a free bi-monthly magazine.To join the mailing list send an e-mail to:  

You can spend hours on the site of nzmeccano.com with photo's from models, Meccano documentation, Meccano Manuals etc. 

From the very early days of The International Meccanoman, Model Building Technology (MBT) has been a must-read feature for any keen Meccano builder.
Instead of having to search through back issues of IM, tips are now collected together in a searchable index for easy browsing, finding and printing and can be purchased at a modest price here at the MBT website 

There have been a few Meccano Museums now sadly all closed but one Meccano Museum is thriving and located in Holland 

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