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Skegness 2019 Wednesday & Thursday 26/27th June, setting up on Tuesday 25th June.

Was the future ever predictable?
Surely not. But it would be nice to know where our next editor is coming from, and at the moment I don’t.
It would be nice to be certain that the international fellowship represented by the International Meccanoman and the ISM will continue, especially at a time of increasing nationalism and xenophobia. But I can’t. Yet I still have hope that someone out here, maybe you, or you and a group of others, will be moved to stand up and offer to take on the role of editor or to become part of an editorial team as our current editors stand down.

When Nigel Lynn volunteered to take over as editor he brought his considerable professional expertise to bear on our magazine, moving it forwards in so many ways, not least in its production values. Latterly he has been ably helped by previous ISM Chair, Adrian Williams, but all things do change, and in the year that IM founder John Westwood has been taken from us both Nigel and Adrian wish to retire, and we can only offer them our warmest thanks for all that they have done for us.

But that leaves us just one more issue after this unless we can find their successor(s). They don’t have to be British or UK resident, indeed our international credentials might increase if they weren’t! Nor need they be publishing professionals – each of us has brought our own gifts to the work in our own time. IM, and possibly even the ISM, face the serious possibility of closure if good men (and women) do nothing about this issue. I realise that everything and everyone has its or their day but I still hope that when it comes to our final edition for this year I will not be writing our own obituary.

If you want to know more about becoming part of a new team, contact Nigel

Philip Webb, Chairman, ISM 

added 06-09-2018
Photo impression of Henley 2018 (look here)

Georg Eiermann of The German Friends of the Metall Construction Sets (Freundeskreis Metallbaukasten)
started in 2016 issueing a beautifull quarterly (German) Magazine that can be downloaded here for free.
Although you might have problems reading the German text, a picture is worth a thousand words.
And each magazine has many pictures/photo's.

Photo impression of Henley 2017 (all photo's by Greg Webb)

Video impression of Henley 2017 (all video's by Greg Webb)

SkegExx the UK’s biggest Meccano model exhibition
a meetingplace for Meccanomen from all over the world.

Skegness 2019 Wednesday & Thursday 26/27th June, setting up on Tuesday 25th June.

Photo-impression of Skegness 2018 (all photo's by Greg Webb)

Photo-impression of Skegness 2017 (all photo's by Greg Webb)


added 31-05-2017
Photo-impression of the 2017 CAM Exposition at Garges-Lès-Garonnes: look here

added 05-05-2017
Photo-impression of the Telford & Iron Bridge Meccano Society MECCANUITY EXHIBITION 2017: look here

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