Alan Partridge (sadly passed away on 08-04-2009) has been working on a translation into English of Prof Spindler's treatise on mechanics with reference to the Meccano System.
This is a very large work and so far it has taken him about 5 years!
In order to get the technical meanings right he got Willy Dewulf to help with exact meanings for parts and common Meccano technical terms.
It is by no means complete and by posting Alan's list on the website the ISM invites other Meccanomen to assist Alan's successor (at the moment it is not yet known who will take over this extensive task, any volunteers?) with this job.

The current lexicon includes lists in French, English, Italian and German.

The German translation was supplied by Frank W. Weber

Latest update by Adrian Williams (06-11-2011)

Other languages are very welcome.

If you want to help to developpe this Lexicon the ISM invites you to send your contributions to the webmaster who will convey all received information to Alan's successor.

The current file can be downloaded here
It's a zip-file (about 27K) with an Excel file.

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