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    The International Sciety of Meccanomen is very sorry to report that Geoff Wright passed away on
    April 12th 2023 at the age of 92.

    Geoff Wright in his shop.

    MW Models in Henley-on-Thames was credited with saving, and being the global centre of, the Meccano hobby after the collapse of Binns Road in the 1980's.

    Boys who love to play
    "Boys who love to play with their toy construction system" might be the easiest translation of the title of a video about two members of the French Meccano Club appearing on the French TV
    Allas no subtitles, but you probably will understand what they are talking about.
    look here for the video.

    World’s last dedicated Meccano factory to close in France.
    Look hier for the story in The Guardian.

    Susan Calman at Skegness 2022
    Skegness 2022 was honoured by a visit of the famous
    stand up comic, writer, presenter, actress and “dancer” Susan Calman.
    For a digest video of her walk around the models look here: Susan Calman
    If you want to watch the whole thing (including a visit to Butlins, a B&B and a seal sanctuary), it can be streamed on My5 (UK residents only).

    ISM Founder's Prize 2021 awarded to Steve Briancourt
    Steve's splendid model of a Penny Falls arcade machine is the 2021 winner of the ISM Founder's Prize 2021
    Take a look here for the photo's

    Chairman's Report 2022 (and 2021)
    Download the report from this page

    Treasurer's accounts 2022
    Download the accounts 2022 from this page

    The Beast
    Geert Vanhove a Belgian Meccano (and other metal construction parts) builder has worked for 5 years on a model in TRIX based on a floating crane built in 1937 by the Duch Werf (shipyard) Gusto for the Manchester Ship Canal`.

    Download the (translated via google) article here

    A video about the set-up of the model at the meeting in 2021 of the "Freundeskreis Metallbaukasten" (fellowship of the metal construction sets) in Bebra (Germany) kan be viewed here

    The "Roemer-und-Pelizaeus-Museum" in the German town of Hildesheim hosted a splendi exposition about Märklin, Trix and Stabil.

    It featured many models of cranes, bridges and locomotives (and some historic Meccano items).
    The exposition closed at 16-01-2022 but a photo report (a zip file with 4 pdf-files) was made by Peter Fahrbach and can be downloaded here

    From 20-09-2020 till 28-02-2021 the Coda Museum  in the Dutch Town of Apeldoorn featured an exposition about "Avid Collectors". (Perhaps "Passionnate Collectors" is a better English translation)
    Collectors of all sorts (Dinkey Toys, Star War figures, Leggo, Happy Meals etc. etc. AND Meccano) show highlights of their collection. Photo's of the Meccano models on show see links below.