Aims of The International Society of Meccanomen

  • To encourage and support international interest and co-operation in the study and development of Model Engineering through the medium of the Meccano System and the dissemination of information relating to it throughout the world.
  • To encourage support for Meccano Clubs throughout the world.
  • To promote research and to assist and co-operate with the manufacturer of Meccano in furthering the technical improvement and development of the Meccano System.
  • To promote and support such exclusive charitable educational objects in any field of engineering as the Society may from time to time decide.
  • The ISM aims to bring together all Meccanomen, whether as individuals or through club and society affiliation. The ISM does not wish to replace any club activity, but wishes to encourage all such clubs and societies to join. The aim is to unite all Meccanomen in a common brotherhood, which has as its aim the enjoyment of the Meccano system in all its manifestations, be it model building, memorabilia and historical matter, the collection of Meccano, or the encouragement of special interest groups.

About the ISM

  • The ISM is a non-profit organisation.
  • The ISM brings the advantage of increased social contact to a small group of Meccanomen estimated at 3000 with similar interests scattered in over 18 countries throughout the world. The Society encourages the exchange and dissemination of professional information and material.
  • The ISM provides information on the availability and cost of Meccano Parts and accessories and negotiates prices on behalf of its members. The ISM is a forum for the development of publications and educational material of interest to Meccanomen and potential engineers all over the world.
  • The ISM encourages the promotion of Meccano literature, and disseminates information through the pages of its own magazine, (International Meccanoman) and the Internet (Meccano OnLine).
  • The ISM promotes and supports International Meccano Meetings and Exhibitions.
  • An International Model Building Competition is organised by the ISM, the aim of which is to encourage expertise in Meccano Modelling.
  • The ISM wishes to encourage the development of the Meccano System, which includes advice on technical matters and computer related issues.
  • The ISM wishes to encourage the young to take up Meccano as a hobby, and thus develop their engineering interests and skills.
  • The ISM recognises that Meccano SA France has the right to and ownership of the name Meccano and will protect that right. It aims to preserve the good name of Meccano throughout the world. The ISM believes that by doing this, as an organised society of users of Meccano, it is promoting the system, and in fact is encouraging its use, especially when Meccano Models are on public exhibition. The ISM believes that it provides valuable feedback to the Manufacturer for future use in the design and provision of parts and literature. The Meccano System was invented by Frank Hornby, but his patent has expired.

The ISM can be contacted through the Chairman

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