The International Meccanoman
the Journal of the
International Society of Meccanomen

John Westwood
John Westwood
Cover of the 50th!! International Meccanoman
Cover of IM 50
Michael Adler
Michael Adler

In 1988 John Westwood published the first International Meccanoman.
The early issues were hand-typed on an electric typewriter.
All the text and images then were laid out by "cut and paste" on to large A3 boards to make "camera-ready" masters for litho printing.

About a year later Michael Adler founded the International Society of Meccanomen.

Both Meccanoman met later and the rest, as they say, is history.......

The results: a flourishing Society and, so far, more than 80 issues of a wonderful Meccano Magazine.

Today, the Editor of the International Meccanoman uses slightly more sophisticated techniques but the publication still continues in the spirit of the Founder
from issue Number 50 on, has colour photographs too!.

Below covers of recent issues

Cover of the International Meccanoman # 79
Cover of IM 81
  • With the Editor: Adrian Williams get all philosophocal
  • Meet the Meccanoman: John Wilson
  • Building a New Gresley Class P2 Locomotive by David Elliott
  • The New Zealand Federation of Meccano Modellers: Exhibition and Convention 2017
  • The Mighty Parabolic Arch by Colin Davies
  • My Favourite Meccano Model in this issue by Greg Webb
  • Nuts and Bolts: Meccano news from around the world
  • A Meccano Addiction: The Story Behind a Business
  • Model Building Technology by Philip Webb

  • Meet the Meccanoman: Mark Bridle
  • The Circle of Friend Meets Once Again
  • Meet the Meccanodealer, Ashok Banerjee
  • My Favourite Meccano Model of All Time
  • My Meccano Collection (Joseph N. Attard of Malta)
  • The Founder's Prize 2016
  • Model Building Technology

Cover of the International Meccanoman # 80
Cover of IM 80

Cover of the International Meccanoman # 79
Cover of IM 79
  • Golden Spannard Award 2016
  • A Tale of Two Cranes
  • SELMEC's Greatest Hits a report on a significant (fortieth) anniversary
  • Bizarre Uses of Meccano
  • My Favourite Meccano Model in this issue by Gary Higgings
  • Getting Your Pics Published
  • The Henley Gathering 2016
  • Model Building Technology by Philip Webb
  • Exhibition Reports and News from the World of Meccano

  • The 1907 Armstrong Whitworth Veteran Motor Car
  • Crossrail - London's Future Elizabeth Line
  • Meet the Meccanoman: Max Ferranti
  • My Favourite Meccano Model of All Time
  • Exhibition Reports from Nelson (NZ) Sydney (AUS), Quebec (CAN) and the UK
  • Photographing Meccano Models Final Part
  • Model Building Technology
  • Meccanuity with TIMS

Cover of the International Meccanoman # 78
Cover of IM 78

Although a lot of Meccano information is available on the internet there's nothing that can compare with the touch'n feel (and smell) of a paper magazine.
Bear in mind that many fine and skillful Meccano men are not on the Internet.
However they - as well - are part of the worldwide Meccano Guild to which they contribute and inspire us with models, ideas and model reports etc..

So don't hesitate to indulge yourself with a regular copy of one of the best Meccano magazines (bringing the best of two worlds together) and join the ISM here

The International Meccanoman

is published three times a year.

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