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On September 1st. 2001 at the Annual General Meeting in Henley-on-Thames, it was the great honour and pleasure of the Society to present Hans Faust with ISM's first Golden Spanner Award

Hans Faust was born in Switzerland in 1913.
At the age of 10 his grandfather started him on the classic Meccano route by giving him a No.l set, to be followed by la, 2a and so on.
As we all do, he began by building from model plans. Then, as his interest grew, he was able to move on to designing his own, quite complex, models.
He joined the Swiss Meccano Club, AMS, in 1987, and has been an active club member ever since. As well as exhibiting his own models, he has regularly helped to organise club exhibitions and the monthly club meeting in his home town of Baden.

There is a Swiss Children's Museum in Baden and to this museum Hans has supplied models for many years. He is particularly keen that children should be able to handle and operate the models. His ability to explain and demonstrate simple and complex models to children as to experienced colleagues is very much appreciated.

Hans Faust passed away August 2012 but will be remembered by all his Meccano friends.

Hans Faust between Adrian Williams and Andre Welti
Hans Faust explaining how it works to the audience

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