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On August 31, 2002 at the Annual General Meeting in Henley-on-Thames, it was the great honour and pleasure of the Society to present Willy Dewulf with ISM's second Golden Spanner Award

Willy Dewulf (ISM490) was born on 12 December 1931. A photograph of him aged 4, next to a Meccano model built by his father, was the first witness to his early acquaintance with Meccano. By the age of 8, he was building his own models.
In 1949 he began his study of mathematics and physics and with his Diploma under his belt, he successfully applied for a teaching position in the Lycee Technique of Tunis in 1953. In 1986 he visited a Meccano exhibition of Le Club des Amis du Meccano (CAM).
He first appeared as an exhibitor at Beziers in 1991, and has since been a familiar figure at exhibitions in France and indeed all over Europe. The list of Willy's amazing models is a long one.

His enthusiasm with which he throws himself into club affairs, his internationalism (he speaks 3 languages) and his dedication to the cause of teaching and passing on what he knows to others made him a popular choice as Golden Spanner Laureate, not just because he is well-liked, but because so many people in so many countries know him from his appearances at their club meetings and exhibitions where he is known from his appearance at exhibitions: monsieur le professeur, standing there in his familiar bleu de travail overall.

Willy Dewulf showing his diploma
Willy Dewulf demonstrating Tergnier 2003

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