The award has been devised and conceived by André Welti (ISM Member 094), as a means of
recognizing outstanding contributions and activity in promoting Meccano as a hobby, on a local or national or international level.
André has generously donated the award itself, which he commissioned from Swiss goldsmith Walter Mörgeli.
Each Award Laureate will receive a lapel badge in the form of a golden spanner as his or her permanent insignia.

André Welti (at right) shows the award to ISM's chairman Adrian Williams at the Henley meeting in September 2000

The Golden Spanner

The Spanner lapel badges

GSA Laureates:

deceased August 2012 


United Kingdom
deceased 24-08-2008 

United Kingdom
deceased 28-01-2018 

New Zealand
deceased 04-10-2012  

United Kingdom 

United Kingdom 

United Kingdom 

South Africa 


United Kingdom 

deceased 31-01-2012  

United Kingdom 


United Kingdom 




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The Rules pertaining to the Award have been devised by an international working party set up and chaired by John Ince (Member 095) working with André and nine other members of the Society spanning seven countries and four continents.

The Society is indebted to all the members mentioned above, and particularly to André Welti for his inspirational idea and the generous spirit in which he has donated the Award.

Nominations for the Award for the current year made in accordance with the Rules published:
should be sent by e-mail to: Adrian Willams
or by post to:
Adrian Williams
72A Old High Street, Headington, Oxford
OX3 9HW, England.

to arrive before the 1st of May of the current year.