Michael Adler (ISM 001) who founded the International Society of Meccanoman in 1989, has generously donated a sum of money to fund The Michael Adler Founder's Prize Prize
"The Founderís Prize shall be awarded in recognition of excellence in the use of the Meccano construction system (expressed in terms of a mechanism or a scale construction or construct of the imagination) so as to give delight and inspiration". 

The Society is grateful to Michael Adler for his generous gesture in providing the necessary funds to found the Prize. We hope that the members will be stimulated to ever-greater heights of imaginative Meccano constructions.

To enter for the Prize, you will need an Entry Form, which you can obtain from Adrian Williams.
A submission for the current year's Founder's Prize must be made by the 31st of December

The rules that apply to this Founder's Prize can be found here.

Winners so far are:
- 2003 John Oyzer-Key (UK)
Alvis Stalwart. Fully radio controlled,6 wheel drive, front four wheel steer. fully rc operating crane.

- 2004 Joseph N. Attard (Malta)
150 Ton Level Luffing Crane

- 2005 Richard Payn (UK)
Oshkosh PLS (Palletised Load System) Vehicle

- 2007 Philip Edwards (USA)
Radio-controlled Rikshaw

- 2008 Michael Whiting (UK)

- 2009 John Thorpe (UK)
Tornado Aircraft

- 2011 John Oyzer-Key (UK)
KATO KA 900 Mobile Telescopic Crane

- 2012 Les Megget (NZ)
Liebherr Xompact Crane LTC 1045-3.1

- 2013 John Sharp (UK)
Fork lift truck

- 2014 Nick Rodgers (UK)
Mercedes Benz Bulk Cement Carrier

- 2015 Mark Bridle (UK)
Marion 204-M Electric Rope Shovel

- 2016 John Wilson (UK)
Newcomen Engine

Pictures of the winning models can be viewed here**
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The Provisions in this form were first published in International Meccanoman
No.67, December 2012, pps 11 and 12

For clarity and brevity, the prize will be referred to in the following paragraphs as the Founder's Prize. In all cases, the masculine terms 'he', 'Chairman', and so on include the feminine.)

1. The Founderís Prize shall be awarded in recognition of excellence in the use of the Meccano construction system (expressed in terms of a mechanism or a scale construction or construct of the imagination) so as to give delight and inspiration. That excellence is to be judged by reference to a single Meccano construction, or to a documented body of work on a theme that is represented by a single Meccano construction which, apart from the inclusion of ďStandard Constructions,Ē is the entrantís own design and work.

†2.The Founderís Prize is open to all, whether members of ISM or not.

†3. The Founderís Prize shall be in the form of a decorative plate inscribed with the name of the winner and the year of the Prize, and shall be presented to the prizewinner to be kept by him.

†4.Entries for the Founderís Prize shall be considered annually. No more than one Founderís Prize shall be made each year. If no entry is put forward that, in the opinion of the jury, deserves the Prize, no Prize shall be awarded in that year.

†5. The closing date for entries for the Founderís Prize is 31 December of each year.

†6. An entry that does not win the Founderís Prize in one year may be entered in future years.

†7. The nature of the entry shall be a description of a construction (or a set of constructions linked by a theme), together with a statement of where (if at all) the construction has been exhibited, either privately or publicly. The entry may also include modelplans and photographs of constructions and prototypes. The entry may be submitted by mail or by email.

†8. Each year, the Chairman of ISM shall invite a member of ISM to be Chairman of the Founderís Prize jury. The Jury Chairman shall then invite four other ISM members to join the jury. The identity of the jury members shall remain confidential until the Prize Winner is announced, when their names shall also be made known.

†9. The use of parts other than parts within the Meccano construction system shall not disqualify an entry, provided that the proportion of non-Meccano parts or their importance in the construction is not so great as to make the entry ineligible, in the judgement of the Founderís Prize jury.

†10. If a construction has not been exhibited previously (see Provision 7), the jury reserves the right to invite a Meccanoman to inspect and report on it to the jury, so as to assure the jury that the actual construction meets the claims made for it in the entry-documentation.

11. By entering for the Founderís Prize, entrants agree that International Meccanoman and the ISM WebSite may publish details of their entries and background documentation.

12. The decision of the jury shall be final and not subject to appeal.

Adrian Williams Secretary to the Founder's Prize Jury 2016     28 June 2016