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Electronics in Meccano Magazine

Electronics in Meccano is a four-page magazine published quarterly which aims to help Meccano modellers put electronic circuits to good use in their models. The circuits described in the articles range from simple wiring, such as reversing switches for motors, through to more complex circuits for controlling lamps and motors.

In all the articles, emphasis is placed on the use and construction of the circuits, rather than explaining in detail exactly how they work. Of course, in some cases it essential to learn some of the technical terms and do some simple maths, but this is kept to a minimum by the provision of examples of the most likely situations you will come across.

At the end of each issue there is a Shopping List giving details of the parts needed to build the circuits. Prices and order codes given are taken from the Maplin catalogue, the best place in the UK for the electronics hobbyist to obtain components.

Electronics in Meccano On-Line

Each issue of the magazine is also available on the Electronics in Meccano On-Line website.
As in the printed version of Electronics in Meccano, the contents of this website are split into sections. There are also some special sections which exploit the interactive nature of the Web, such as Component Calculator Wizards to help you work out the components required for a circuit, and an index to help you quickly find what you are looking for.

To order printed copies of Electronics in Meccano, please email Tim Surtell for details at timsurtell@eleinmec.freeservec.co.uk

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