Model Building Literature

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1928-1936 Supermodels Photocopies
LSM1Motor Chassis (with accumulator) LSM1Motor Chassis (without accumulator)
LSM1AMotor Chassis (revised) LSM2Ship Coaler
LSM3Motor Cycle & Sidecar LSM4Block Setting Crane
LSM5Travelling Bucket Dredger LSM6Stiff Leg Derrick
LSM7Platform Scales LSM8Roundabout
LSM9Bagatelle Table LSM10Log Saw
LSM11Single Cylinder Steam Engine

Pre-War Meccano Magazine Supermodels Photocopies
1923Limousine Car 1930Aerial Ropeway
1932Giant Lorry 1932Printing Machine
1934Outboard Motor 1934Marine Engine History
193510000 Locomotive 1935Master Clock

Canadian Special Models
CSM1An Accurate Orrery (ex CMP14) CSM2Chemical Fire Engine (ex CMP15)
CSM3Remontoire Clock (ex CMP16) CSM4Rhino Charged Robotic Arm (ex CMP5)
CSM5Road Grader (ex CMP7) CSM6Krazy Klock
CSM7Diver's Helmet CSM8Three Planet Orrery
CSM9C-C Electric Locomotive CSM10La Reale Oared Fighting Ship
CSM11Kenworth W-900 Tractor CSM12Watt's 1788 Rotative Beam Engine
CSM13Servetti's Maypole Braider CSM14Twin Beam Pumping Engine
CSM15Old Tyme Ferris Wheel

Meccano Magazine Models of the Month 1956-1962 Full Instructions with Photocopy Illustrations
56/3Travelling Gantry Crane 56/4Car Transporter
56/5Passenger & Cargo Liner 56/6Mechanical Excavator
56/7Fire Engine 56/8Motor Chassis
56/9Thread Twisting & Knopping Machine 56/10Blackpool Tower
56/11Floating Crane 56/12Oil Tanker

MM Quarterly Supplementary Instructions Photocopies
October 1973Grandfather Clock (augmented) July 1974Power Loom *
January 1975Table Top Blocksetter * October 1975Remote Control Console *

* including photocopied illustrations
Set 10 Leaflets
10/1Railway Service Crane 10/2Sports Motor Car
10/3Coal Tippler 10/4Cargo Boat
10/5Double Deck Bus 10/6Lifting Shovel
10/7Block Setting Crane 10/8Beam Bridge

Nick Rodgers' Special Models
NM1Nick's Model St. Dunstan's Church NM2Nick's Model Gantry Crane
NM3Nick's Model "Cutty Sark" TF1Transport Fleet (13 various lorries)

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