Welcome To Spanner()

The Meccano Mailing List and Virtual Meccano Club
The Spanner Mailing List was established in 1996 in order to enable Meccanomen to communicate with each other by e-mail. A message to the Spanner Mailing List is sent to everyone on the list.
Messages usually follow themes or threads. The List functions as a Virtual Meccano Society. There is a moderator, and a charter has been drawn up, which those who belong to the list are asked to adhere to.

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The ISM wants to express here appreciation to all Meccanomen who spent time and efforts in the past and today to set up and run the Spanner List.
The Meccano Fraternity is indebted to those internet pioneers and now to Anthony Burkitt who started a new Spanner List

Members of Spanner are specifically requested to confine their remarks to Meccano topics only in the broadest sense, as even discussion of making pictures for Meccano or viruses on Spanner are acceptable.
Please remember when posting messages that Spanner members come from different cultures, political backgrounds and religions and these subjects or indeed any material such as bad language that might cause offense should not be posted.