This page is reserved for the "covid reports" from Meccano Clubs all over the world

Message from Philip Webb, chairman of the ISM.

Covid is a global issue, and the ISM would love to know how clubs, societies and individuals are responding to its challenges where you are.
Our thoughts have often turned to you as reports of virus-problems have reached us from your country.
No doubt you have been watching the ever-changing news from us, too!
So, if you have stories or pictures, do send them to me or to Kees Trommel (our website manager).

Below are the reports that we received

received 28-07-2020.

MWT Meccano Club is to hold its first meeting since the 8th of February on the 8th of August, so has missed April and June meetings.
NZ went into an early lockdown and so has been out of lockdown for some weeks now.
NZ domestic air travel is up and flying but not at previous levels because there are few International tourists.
Kiwis are coming home from abroad but must go into isolation hotels for 2 weeks on return.

Robin Rye (secretary)  

received 28-07-2020

Greetings from Maylands Meccano Club, Western Australia.

You may have seen recent headlines regarding the impact of Covid 19 in Australia, particularly in Victoria. It is important to realise that each state in Australia runs under its own state government, leading to significant variations, including the response to Covid 19, as well as the National Government. Therefore my comments relate only to WA.
In WA, Maylands Meccano Club is effectively operating back to normal. The only exception being that all our major exhibitions have been cancelled. With very few active cases of the virus, usually only from persons returning from overseas going into quarantine, restrictions have been relaxed considerably.
We are now meeting in the club premises each Saturday afternoon doing all the things we would normally be doing. We have adequate room for the varying square metre space requirements per person and social distancing. We are not required to wear masks or the like.
All our club members have survived the initial infectious wave without any health issues. Similarly, the initial strict limitations on movement and association have not been a problem. The only significant limitation we have now is that we are prevented from travelling to any other state without a special permit for a limited number of reasons.

Towards the end of 2019, the club obtained a grant for some maintenance works on the premises. When restrictions were eased enough, we were able to carry out the works which included some plumbing repairs and installing new light fittings in the main space. Not having to prepare for exhibitions meant we could use the time for these tasks without compromising our exhibitions.
We are benefiting from the lock down requirements where people apparently cleaned out their darkest cupboards. In recent weeks we have had three donations of parts and literature. Some parts in very good condition all the way through to rather poor with rust and lost paint. Just another job to do to restore them.
Members have used the time for varying degrees of model building. One such task has been the initial planning for two new mechanisms for Tricky Track. One is making good progress but the other is proving much more difficult and only progressing slowly. Due to a significant family issue, my Meccano activity has largely been confined to developing a model of another large earthmoving vehicle. It has all started from the wheels to get the scale correct.

While conscious that circumstances seem to change very quickly, we are doing OK at present. We are thankful for our good fortune when others have not been so lucky.

Best wishes all; and keep safe and well.

Ross Smith (ISM 18) 

received 09-08-2020

The Auckland Meccano Guild held its first meeting at Neil Carey's home in Auckland yesterday (8 August).
We had to cancel our May meeting due to Coronavirus but yesterday's meeting made up for that. Over a dozen members and several partners attended.

Lots of models, some large ones. Obviously some of us had been very busy during lockdown.

The 4 images attached are: GBSC is by Mike Stewart, my model is the rear third of the "Hikitia" steam powered harbour crane which is 95 years old, still able to be steamed up and is permanently on show in Wellington. The manual model tractor (model number 9) is by William Irwin while Neil Carey's NZR Ja class (4-8-2) steam loco has had a facelift with its original streamlining removed.

Best wishes from Covid free NZ, Les Megget


received 14-08-2020

Dutch Meccano Guild (DMG)

The first and also last club meeting was on a sunny and beautiful day on 01-02-2020 in Heerenveen a town in the North of Holland. (see photo’s here).
Two weeks later on 15-02-2020 we had our last public activity at the annual Hobby Event in Goes (see photo’s here) where the DMG is always welcomed to show their models in a large stand in one of three vast halls filled with many other model building activities, like model boats, planes, trucks, military, trains etc..

All DMG activities in 2020 came to a halt after mid-March when the Dutch government proclaimed an intelligent lockdown. Our future meetings were cancelled at least till September.
We consider the option to organize a meeting on 31-10-2020 in the beautiful Toy Museum in Mechelen (Belgium).
Initiated by Harrie Mariën more than 30 years ago this is always a returning event on the DMG agenda.
However the museum will be relocated and this year is the last opportunity to have a meeting in this museum. Photos of recent meetings in Mechelen look here.
As Holland is a rather open country, surrounded by countries that have different approaches to fight the bl… c-virus we have to be careful. The average age of our members puts us in the danger zone.
But there’s still a lot of life amongst our members and we hope to “resurface” again asap.

Kees Trommel