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Welcome to the web site of the

International Society of Meccanomen

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The ISM represents many Meccanomen worldwide.
The world of Meccano is presented on this web site, with special sections on the ISM itself as well as obtaining membership, model building, collecting and matters of general interest to Meccanomen.

Up to 2018 the ISM issued in January, May and September the "International Meccanoman", one of the best Meccano Magazines, packed with information about Meccano and related subjects that should not be missed by any Meccanoman.
Sadly, as the ISM could not interest a new editor, issue 85 of December 2018 was the last printed International Meccanoman.

We are indebted to the Henley Society of Meccano Engineers for hosting our Annual General Meeting at their meeting in Henley-on-Thames. See the website for meetings dates.

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